Archtop Guitars

"It's a beautiful guitar"...Bob Benedetto

American Archtop Guitar Maker
Dan Smocke

An instrument is the musical artists canvas used to express themselves.  Many name brand instruments can take the artist to certain levels of performance but the artist desires more out of the instrument.  The artist feels limited.  A custom made instrument can extend the musical limits.

I focus on the playability, comfort and aesthitics of the instrument by using precise woodworking techniques with special focus in the graduation of the top and backs to allow them to vibrate effortlessly.   Each instrument is hand voiced (carved) to maximize each piece of tonewood. All to help the artist produce their unique sound.

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Professional Series

Solid wood top and back. Perfect for the gigging performer.

Domestic Series

A new Professional Series that uses all domestic tonewood from the U.S.A. Body depth of 1.5″ to 2.5″, body width of 14.5″ to 16″, hand carved solid wood with chambered interior for reduced feedback.

Artist Series

Solid wood top and back but with upgraded wood and hardware.

Collector Series

Complete customization per the client using Master Grade tonewood, solid linings and many other upgrades.

All archtops come with solid wood for the top, back and sides.  Each instrument is hand tuned to maximize the tone and sound of tonewood. 

Smocke Guitars listing in the Luthier Shop of Jazz Guitar Today Online Magazine. 


Guitar International sat down with luthier Dan Smocke and guitarist Jack Grassel to talk about the unique JG-1, one of a kind guitar and just what went into building such a stellar instrument. 


Guild of American Luthiers

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